MALIK XB4 Silver Stick

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The Malik XB 4 is the perfect hockey stick for hockey players that want to raise their game on the hockey pitch. The XB 4 is made with a mix of carbon materials to give you extreme power when hitting with this hockey stick. The Xtreme Bow is deigned for ultimate areal and 3D Skills.

The MALIK XB range is an Xtreme Late bow range of sticks designed with a stretched hook for easier 3D dribbling and a deep bow position for drag flicking. The XB 4 is the top stick in this range made with 30% Japanese carbon and a rounded shaft shape for quick skills.

Xtreme Late Bow – 210mm/ 24mm
30% Japanese Carbon, 5% Kevla, 65% Fiberglass.
‘Touch compound’ for improved grip on the ball

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